On this page, you can see the results of breast plasty — mammoplasty, the photos taken before and after surgery. As the shots demonstrate, breast plasty lets significantly change the shape and size of mammary glands, in full accordance with the patient’s wishes.
Breast augmentation can be conducted using endoprosthetics (implant fixation) or breast lipofilling (augmentation with the patient’s own adipose tissue). The section also presents photos of breast lifting (mastopexy) aimed to correct the shape of the breasts. In addition, you can have a look at the photos of the results of reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction). All breast plastic surgeries the photos of which you can see in this section have been conducted by the surgeons of the “Abrielle” clinic for aesthetic surgery. Our specialists have an extensive experience in mammoplasty of any complexity, and they know how to use the latest surgical techniques. Exclusively for the clients of the clinic, our surgeons have developed an original rehabilitation system that significantly speeds up the patient's recovery.

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